On the occasion of Earth Day 2023, Đạt Foods will join forces with the environmental movement to spread green messages and create cleaner communities with green months’ programme. Starting from April 22nd 2023, Đạt Foods will launch Green Action months – Earn green points, receive green gifts. This programme will be an annual activity that is in line with  Đạt Foods’s mission of “Fresh for All – For the people and for the planet”.  Along this journey, Đạt Foods is looking forward to receiving support from partners and customers to spread the message of protecting the planet and a safe and healthy environment together.

Please see below our list of green locations in Ho Chi Minh City:

Tram Xanh0965 457 888 – Ms. Yen (Founder)165/52 Nguyen Thai Binh, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward
Noda0376 591 690 – Mr. Lam214/19/6E Nguyen Van Nguyen (opposite Van Lang Secondary School, go straight in), Tan Dinh Ward
Organicfood District 1Hotline: 0866 951 088123 Dinh Tiên Hoang, Da Kao Ward
Organicfood District 7Hotline: 0287 30 71 08839 Street 16, Canh Vien 2, Tan Phu Ward
WeChange Saigon0764 725 533 – Ms. Loan/ 0764 726 533 – Ms. Oanh571/16 CMT8,15 Ward
Happy Mart0913 162 280 – Ms. Nhung5 Hoang Du Khuong, Ward 12
A Little Bit0764 049 837 – Ms. Thuy29/23 Doan Thi Diem, Ward 01
Organicfood Phu NhuanHotline: 0902 921 088146 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 02
Z’store0905 270 227 – Ms. Ngan31 Nhat Chi Mai, Ward 13
ProCi0932 359 405 – Ngan/ 0906 812 390/ 0901 312 300 – Ngoc4 Bau Cat 4, Ward 14
Organicfood Tan BinhHotline: 0866 951 088403 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 02
Omega Mart0901 387 257 – HuyJamila Khang Dien Apartment, Song Hanh Street, Phu Huu Ward
Yumi FarmHotline: 0909 052 0335 Street 28, An Phu Ward
OrganicfoodHotline: 0931 771 08893 Tran Nao, An Khanh Ward
ZuZu Concept0779 148 390 – Ms. Tomoko48A Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien Ward

This is how it works, with 4 simple steps

Step 1️: You bring the finished butter jars or oil bottles of Đạt Foods to our green locations as listed.

Step 2️: Please scan the QR code at the point to fill in your information including name and phone number. Here, you need to upload a photo of the empty butter jars or oil bottles you have brought to the store into the registration form.

Step 3️: At the end of each month, Dat Foods will contact you to inform the number of green points you have accumulated. You can decide whether you will redeem your points with a green gift or if you want to continue to accumulate points. 

Step 4️: Dat Foods will contact and send you the corresponding gift to your address.

Depending on the number of points, you will receive the corresponding green gifts as following

Kindly note some terms of the program:

– The programme is only applicable at our green locations, according to the updated list on the website.

–  Oil bottles or butter jars need to be cleaned, are intact and not deformed.

– Gift products are not exchangeable for cash

– For any questions about the program, please contact Đạt Foods fanpage or hotline: 0937 760 624.