Earth Day Activities – Small Steps, Big Impact

Every year on April 22, the international community comes together to celebrate Earth Day – a meaningful event to raise awareness about environmental protection. Instead of lavish gifts, let’s respond to the green planet with practical “gifts” by participating in meaningful activities. With the slogan “Earth Day Activities: Small Steps, Big Impact!”, we will act together, contributing to protecting the environment and building a green future for a shared planet.

What day is Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual international event held on April 22 to raise awareness about environmental protection and promote action towards a greener future. With more than 192 participating countries and the companionship of billions of people worldwide, Earth Day has become the world’s largest environmental festival, spreading a meaningful message about humanity’s shared responsibility for protecting humanity. protect the blue planet.

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At the 1969 UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to celebrate the Earth and peace. This day was first celebrated on March 21, 1970, coinciding with the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. McConnell’s statement was endorsed by United Nations Secretary General U Thant and officially recognized as “Nature’s Equality Day”.
Just one month after McConnell’s proposal, US Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea of organizing national environment day on April 22, 1970. He assigned a young activist named Denis Hayes to do it national coordinator for this event. Nelson and Hayes renamed the event “Earth Day”. Hayes and his team grew the event far beyond the original idea, attracting participation from all of America. More than 20 million people participated in the first Earth Day, making it the largest one-day protest in human history.
Today, Earth Day is celebrated annually by the Earth Day Network on April 22 in more than 175 countries worldwide. In 2009, the United Nations officially declared April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Since then, Earth Day has grown into an important international event, celebrated annually in more than 192 countries with the participation of billions of people globally. (Source wikipedia)


Earth Day, held every year on April 22, is not only a simple festival but also a profound reminder of the challenges our planet is facing, requiring joint efforts. of each individual, organization and country.
The main goal of Earth Day is to raise environmental awareness. Through communication, education and propaganda activities, this event helps raise public awareness about hot issues such as climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.
This day also encourages each individual, organization and country to take specific actions to protect the planet. Each person needs to be aware of their responsibility for protecting the common home, taking practical actions such as saving energy, reducing plastic waste and using public transportation.
Addressing global environmental challenges necessitates international cooperation. Earth Day provides an opportunity for nations worldwide to unite, share experiences, and devise solutions to tackle shared environmental issues.
Earth Day is also a day to honor the beauty of the Earth, an occasion to appreciate the beauty of nature, the rich biodiversity and the priceless gifts that our blue planet bestows on humanity. This is an opportunity to educate the younger generation about the importance of protecting the environment and encourage them to participate in conservation activities.

Earth day 2024 theme

The theme of Earth Day 2024, announced by the organizer, is “Planet vs. Plastic”. In response to this theme, has committed to ending the use of plastic for the health of people and the planet, and aims to reduce the production of all types of plastic by 60% by 2040.

earth day mean 2024

Why focus on plastic?

Plastic is a serious threat to human health, comparable to climate change. When decomposing into microplastics, plastic releases toxic chemicals that seep into food sources, drinking water and circulate in the air we breathe. Global plastic production has now exceeded 380 million tons per year. In fact, more plastic has been produced in the past decade than in the entire 20th century, and the plastic industry is predicted to explode in the future. (source here)
Some types of plastic can be deadly when burned. Other types of plastic emit chemicals that cause endocrine disruption and are harmful to human health. And all types of plastic can starve birds and suffocate marine life. At every stage of its life cycle, plastic is hazardous to the environment and human health.

Responding to Earth Day Activities

To respond to Earth Day activities, what we need to do is not only something we need to do on this day but also something we need to do regularly and continuously at any time.
– Limit the use of plastic bags, foam boxes, plastic bottles, etc., replace them with environmentally friendly materials such as cloth bags, glass/metal food containers, personal water bottles, etc. Reuse plastic bottles and jars, plastic boxes to plant plants, make decorations, etc. Support stores and businesses to use environmentally friendly packaging.
– Participate in waste cleanup activities in housing areas, schools, parks, beaches, etc. Organize propaganda and education sessions on environmental protection for the community. Encourage people to separate waste at source.
– Participate in tree planting programs organized by localities or environmental organizations. Plant trees at home, in the area around your residence, school, etc. Encourage people to plant and take care of trees.
– Turn off lights, fans, and air conditioners when not in use. Use electricity-saving devices. Take advantage of natural light. Use public transportation or walk or bike when possible.
– Participate in seminars and conferences on climate change and environmental protection. Read books, newspapers, and documents about environmental protection. Share information and images about environmental protection on social networks. Educate children about the importance of environmental protection.
– Participate in volunteer activities of environmental protection organizations. Donate to environmental protection organizations. Use products from environmentally responsible businesses.

Đạt Foods responds to the journey to protect the Earth

Đạt Foods, a Vietnamese brand with the enthusiasm of the young generation, was born in 2019 with a noble mission: accompanying Vietnamese farmers to develop sustainable agriculture, contributing to environmental protection and moving towards a green future for Earth.
We prioritize producing safe products that do not affect the natural environment, preserving and promoting good values for the future. Our agricultural model is inspired by the philosophy of “living in harmony with nature”, taking only what we need from the land and giving back what belongs to the land.
Đạt Foods exploits the power of natural ingredients, replacing chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides with biological products, ensuring consumer safety and environmental protection.
Currently, we have connected 17 farmer households in Cu Chi, Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh. A typical example is Ms. Hai’s household in Cu Chi – a farmer who has worked with Đạt Foods since the early days of building the brand. Thanks to the cooperation with Đạt Foods, Ms. Hai has had a stable life and increased income thanks to applying a sustainable agricultural model.
Đạt Foods believes that sustainable development towards a green economy is an effective solution to the serious challenges the world is facing, such as economic recession, population growth, resource depletion, and pollution. environment and climate change.
Let’s join hands with Đat Foods to carry out Earth Day activities to protect our blue planet. Every small step you take will contribute to creating a big impact, bringing a bright future to the Earth and future generations.

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