Green garden corner – Đạt Foods

When did you last immerse in the poetic nature of life?

It is said that “our soul will be more peaceful and cooler when we release our soul into nature”. Yes, how happy and joyful it is to be in harmony with nature and to see the green garden corners that are taken care of by ourselves!

The most serene moment in life is the moment in harmony with nature. And perhaps, the great gift of heaven and earth is a grateful friend. Man cannot live without nature and neither can nature. And only when those two things merge into one, does life have meaning.

At Đạt Foods, there are always great things like that. Every morning, when the sun has not yet risen, you can hear the sound of birds singing throughout the garden. Large dewdrops still linger on the branches. Here, at Đạt Foods, we have sesame fields reaching out to welcome the sunshine,  peanut trees which are shy with the dewdrops on the leaves. There is also a big star fruit tree with heavy fruit clusters. The fig tree stands peacefully in the corner of the garden. There are also rows of green bananas bearing fruit, papayas which are eaten all the time, rows of pineapples awakening in a corner of the garden.

The most prominent color in the garden is green. Green of grass. Green of leaves. Green of unripe fruit. The green color of nature gives a feeling of freshness and coolness.

Why don’t you come to Đạt Foods to experience it? Let your soul settle down to feel the pure and cool taste of the morning. The glittery dew lingers on the leaves like jewels. The flower bud is shy, gently swaying in the wind, turning slightly. Each tree is like a sleeping angel. Surely this wonderful feeling will stay forever in our memory – Đạt Foods.

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