The farmer is the first person to put the seed in the field. Each crop is all the love of the farmer, sometimes even their inheritance.

Each seed sown is their faith, enthusiasm, concern and desire until the day of harvest. However, the absurdity of good harvest and falling price keeps repeating, farmers are always put into a position like having to gamble with price after each crop.

Understanding that, Đạt Foods always has the intention to accompany farmers so that farmers have an additional choice for themselves in which that Đạt Foods is always ready to accompany them; and at the same time, they can bring to the community nutritious, qualified products that ensure the health of consumers.

With a natural farming method, Đạt Foods cooperates with farmers to build up a no-chemical and no-pesticide cultivation process for the nuts like peanut and sesame. Besides, Đạt Foods produces nut products such as butter and oil, to help farmers improve their lives and incomes.

Let’s start the journey with Đạt Foods. Why not?

1. The reality of farmers’ cultivation

In recent years, the growth of agriculture has also got many outstanding points. However, the main goal is to take output and productivity as the basis, not to really pay attention to the quality, economic efficiency and environmental protection.

The rural economy develops unequally, the reality of “good harvest – falling price”, “rescuing agricultural products” year after year is an example, which is an unsustainable, and high-risk production.

Moreover, the output price of agricultural products is volatile, so the economic situation of farmers is still inadequate.

2. Issues that Đạt Foods worries about

At Đạt Foods, we are accompanying farmers on 3 issues:

2.1 The farmer has low income, lacks resources and knowledge about natural farming.

Farmers in some parts of our country currently do not have much access to advanced technology. Therefore, most farmers do farming without the skills and knowledge of natural farming.

Because of running after quantity and productivity, it is also highly dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that affect the health of farmers and consumers. Since the quality is not guaranteed, the products made are not focused on quality to be consumed or exported. So that, the income of farmers is still low.

2.2 Consumers do not have many healthy organic and natural food choices

Đạt Foods wishes to bring nutritious and qualified products to consumers, not only high-income consumers but also average-income ones can also have access to organic, natural food which is no chemicals, no pesticides. As everyone is worthy enjoying the best things in life.

 At Đạt Foods, we are also very concerned about health issues, so bringing nutritious and qualified products to consumers is a great pleasure for us.

2.3. The qualified brand of Vietnamese agricultural products is still not well known in the market

Although certain results have been achieved, the reality shows that the number of agricultural products for export of Vietnam is still limited. Vietnam’s agricultural export turnover in 2021 reached more than 48.6 billion USD, but only accounted for nearly 2% of the world’s import value of agricultural and forest products.

It is worthy mentioning, up to 90% of agricultural products are exported in raw form, using the brand name of foreign enterprises. Therefore, building a national brand for key export agricultural products is extremely important.

3. Đạt Foods with farmers on a natural journey

Let’s go back to the village, the pond, let’s be friends and accompany with the farmers, to patiently observe, listen and understand their thoughts and actions, for the farmer being the center.

Đạt Foods wishes to create a new value chain with farmers in which households will gain optimal benefits to improve income and life. We expect everyone can use organic food which is no chemicals, no pesticides, farming in the direction of nature, safe for health.

4. How did Đạt Foods come and accompany the farmers?

To implement the project, we went to each place to transfer the farming process to the farmers who cooperated with Đạt Foods, to instruct them on the process from soil preparation, seeding, caring to harvest.

With a sustainable farming model, we absolutely respect the laws of nature and completely rely on nature and the surrounding environment for farming, we obviously do not use any kinds of chemical fertilizers. In combination, intercropping/rotation techniques are utilized to increase soil fertility and prevent erosion. The land always has enough time to “rest” after each harvest and the principle of “giving back to the land” is always applied thoroughly (take only what we really need, the rest must be returned to the land). In fact, that is the traditional agriculture which our forefathers have done for many generations, today we want to inherit and promote.

It can be seen that the whole process follows a completely natural direction to bring the best qualified peanut and sesame in terms of being nutritious, clean and safe for consumers.

5. What do farmers say about Đạt Foods?

By the end of 2021, Đạt Foods has worked with 17 farmer households in Cu Chi, Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh with an area of ​​​​80,000m2 to accompany and support the cultivation of peanuts and non-chemical crops.

Aunt Hai – a farmer household in Cu Chi who has been with Đạt Foods from the beginning, was very excited when she expressed her feelings to Đạt Foods. Aunt Hai has her own land and cultivates crops on it, but the economic efficiency is not high, her income is still low and there are many risks, so she still has to work outside to earn extra income to support her family.

After connecting and working with Đạt Foods, with its understanding and sharing, she and Đạt Foods have been associated for more than 4 years. With 5,000m2 of peanut and non-chemical vegetables, Aunt Hai’s family life is more stable, the average income in the last 6 months is 10 million VND/month.

As a social enterprise, Đạt Foods will always accompany farmers to create the best quatified products for consumers. Đạt Foods hopes this small contribution will create more good values ​​in life.
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