When we care about them?

Are you a vegetarian because industrial animals are treated badly? You will choose the dishes that are clean vegetables grown in the countryside?

If you are not a vegetarian, are you willing to boycott a brand because they treat unfairly with employees, especially female workers?

And do you know that if you are vegetarian or not, your food source is gradually being limited because the creators of clean food in the countryside, are women who are suffering affected by climate change such as increased job burden, violence?

I also quote from the article of the Vietnam Women’s Union: “The United Nations and Oxfam Policy Discussion Report cited research to confirm many natural disasters occur due to climate change leading to increased migration in Vietnam. Migrant women often get less work than men, but if they stay when other family members migrate families may be particularly affected as they have to shoulder the responsibilities of men. This is quite common for male members in a family have to work away from home so when the disaster is over women are forced to shoulder most of the disaster risk management activities.”

Moreover, it is economic pressures that lead to an increase in domestic and domestic violence gender in women and girls, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 30 – 300% is the increasing rate in gender-based violence against women and girls has increased since the outbreak of the pandemic (According to UN Women). In Vietnam, according to an investigation by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs in conjunction with the General Department of Labor, Statistics, and the United Nations, nearly 2 out of every 3 women (62.9%) have suffered at least one form of torture violent manner. However, up to 90.4% of women who have been abused by their husbands or partners do not seek help.

Although there are no detailed statistics on the association between violence, inequality against women, and climate change, we can also see this clearly. On the positive side, we (I) also want to share more about Vietnam’s efforts and the world to protect women and against this inequality. 

In Vietnam, we have a Directory of functional agencies and organizations to protect abused women, girls, and children and Hopebox is one such organization. 

Many organizations like the Center for Social Research and Development research and apply solutions to improve the capacity of women for livelihood development. Around the world, UN Women also has many special development programs country-specific to reduce gender-based violence.

Ms Hai, farmer collab with Đạt Foods

With Đạt Foods, the month of propaganda to eliminate violence against women and the International Day for the Elimination of ViolenceWomen’s Power (November 25, set by the United Nations), we bring Combo Hopebox as a program for you to join, each of your orders contributes 20% to Hopebox to protect abused women and girls. You can participate or not, but do not remain indifferent!

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