No Chemical. Ever.

Đạt Foods ensures there are no pesticides, herbicides used on our peanut cultivation.

We use local material to make fertilizer such as cow manure, plant remains, ashes, husk… to add nutrition for the soil. Beside the root of peanut as well as other legumes which have nodules can synthesize its own natural protein. Fertile soil makes healthy tree. That’s why chemical fertilizer, herbicides are really not necessary.


Crop rotation, for pest control.

Crop rotation, one of the effective methods of pest control. 

If we just cultivate a crop annually, the soil will be faded. Doing rotation peanut with other crop such as sesame, corn, vegetables… helps reduce pest of peanut as well as other crops. It is also help balance nutrition in the soil and diversify the ecosystem in the farm. That is the way we make other products not only peanut butter, peanut oil but also sesame oil.


Mechanize helps increasing productivity.

We also do weeding, tilling and other farming work by small machinery that help increasing productivity for farmers.

We invest seedling machine, tilling machine, weeding machine from small to medium size and still make more experiment to apply machine in each cultivation process. Day by day, farmer is less hard working and better income on their own land.


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