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Cashew milk

Đạt Nut Milk’s Nut Milk is a refreshing and nutritious beverage with a unique flavor. It contains no preservatives or additives, making it suitable for the increasingly popular trend of healthy eating.
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Inside Our Jars

Inside Our Jars

  • PURE TASTE: We exclusively utilize a select few all-natural, top-tier ingredients that are easily recognizable and of the finest quality to preserve the pure and wholesome taste of our products.
  • NO ADDITIVES: We take pride in assuring you that our products are free from sugars, chemicals, preservatives, or any other additives, from seed to jar!
  • BALANCED ENERGY: Our pure peanut butters are a nutritious powerhouse packed with plant-based protein, healthy carbs, and essential fats to keep you energized and balanced throughout the day
  • Vitamins and minerals: Packed with essential nutrients like vitamin E, B3, folate, copper, manganese, magnesium, and iron for building a nourishing diet and a resilient body.

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