Đạt Foods is 4 years old now. According to some studies, up to 50% of startups fail within the first 2 to 5 years. Therefore, 4 years is not too long, but it is far enough to reflect a process of effort of a small startup, especially in agriculture. After 4 years of establishment, Đạt Foods has been in nearly 200 points of sale of its partners from Saigon to Hanoi, and has also entered foreign markets such as Singapore, Canada and recently Japan.

To achieve this success, it is not only the effort and contribution of each individual, love and acceptance from partners, but also the enthusiastic support from specialist & consultant for Đạt Foods. Đạt Foods really appreciates this love. It’s called affection, because they come to Đạt Foods not for benefits, but simple affection for Đạt Foods. 

Today’s article is not about Đạt Foods, but about these sincere hearts “coming for love”.

1. Mr. Huynh Nhat Duy – Sales Consultant 

Mr. Duy is currently a sales manager for a functional food company. With his rich experience in the field of sales, Mr. Duy joined Đạt Foods as a consultant on building a store care system, training sales, and consulting sales. Having accompanied with Đạt Foods since 2019, he shared the reason he chose to go with Đạt Foods because of the similar and transparent values ​​between him and Đạt Foods. Mr. Duy regularly takes part in the weekly Sales team meetings of Đạt Foods. He is also an extremely patient person when listening to the problems of the others. Thanks to his advice and sharing, the sales team has lessons and experiences to handle the problem better. We’re very grateful to you.

2. Mr. Tran Quang Tuan – R&D, Quality Consultant

Joining as a consultant since 2019, Mr. Tuan has made extremely important contributions in the process of forming and developing Đạt Foods’ products. He participates in consulting for Đạt Foods on product quality improvement, research and development, product quality management, and takes part in guiding and training R&D for interns. With the desire to contribute to creating community values through social enterprises, he has accompanied with Đạt Foods until now.

3. Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh – Video & Marketing Supporter

Mr. Thanh – An image consultant is also called a magic master. It’s because of his professionalism and experience to produce high quality photos and movies to convey the right spirit and message to the others. The images of Đạt Foods displayed on publications and media have a huge and important contribution from Mr. Thanh. Like his name, besides being funny, Mr. Thanh is extremely sincere and simple. He goes with Đạt Foods simply because he likes Đạt Foods’ products, likes team’s learning and sincere culture and likes the way Đạt Foods helpes farmers have a good and stable income. Thanks  for his support.

4. Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen Trang – Agriculture Consultant

Ms or Dr. Trang is currently a lecturer at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City. She is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about Vietnamese agriculture, especially specializing in peanut research. She is very fond of clean agricultural farming models that do not use chemicals. That’s also the reason she chose and accompanied with Đạt Foods. Đạt Foods is extremely grateful for her support in organic consulting, pest management, farming techniques and guidance for agricultural interns at Đạt Foods.

5. Mr. Do Truong – Marketing Consultant

Mr. Truong is an experienced expert in the field of commercial communication. Currently, he is assisting in media consulting and planning for Đạt Foods. He is an emotional brother. Đạt Foods is extremely grateful to have the chance to meet him. Although we have only known each other recently. According to Mr. Truong, it is because he and Đạt Foods have the same life values: the first is human development – the previous generation instructs and inspires the next one; the second is to build and develop the community, spread the spirit of “social enterprise” to everyone. Thanks for his coming.