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  • Cùng Đạt Foods tham gia tháng hành động xanh: Tích điểm xanh, nhận quà xanh

    On the occasion of Earth Day 2023, Đạt Foods will join forces with the environmental movement to spread green messages and create cleaner communities with green months’ programme. Starting from April 22nd 2023, Đạt Foods will launch Green Action months – Earn green points, receive green gifts. This programme will be an annual activity that is […] READ MORE

  • What has made Đạt Foods successful? 

    Every flight has a departure point and an endpoint, but for Đạt Foods, there will be no stopping point. Why is that? Because each member of the Đạt Foods family carries within them a spirit of sharing, ready to spread good values to future generations, through accompanying farmers on the journey of delivering clean, chemical-free agricultural products to consumers. From there, they contribute to improving the income of farmers and protecting the natural environment. READ MORE

  • Should we access to the trend of sustainable development?

    Trong thời đại phát triển của công nghiệp, có thể nói môi trường là nhân tố bị ảnh hưởng rất lớn từ việc phát triển. Do nhiều nhân tố, nhất là sự tác động mạnh mẽ của con người, tạo ra nhiều mâu thuẫn giữa quá trình diễn biến của tự nhiên và mục tiêu phát triển của xã hội loài người. READ MORE


    Are you a vegetarian because industrial animals are treated badly? You will choose […] READ MORE

  • Cashew pattern


    Are you a vegetarian because industrial animals are treated badly? You will choose the dishes that are clean vegetables grown in the countryside? If you are not a vegetarian, are you willing to boycott a brand because they treat unfairly with employees, especially female workers? And do you know that if you are vegetarian or […] READ MORE

  • Why are pesticides so dangerous for farmers?

    Nearly all pesticides can change the ecosystem. Many pesticides are directly harmful to humans and others accumulate in the foods. READ MORE

  • Where does Đạt Foods Sesame Oil come from? How do we process it?

    Where does “Đạt Foods Sesame Oil” come from? “Farming is hard work, my […] READ MORE