To ensure the rights of farmers and consumers as well as related partners, Đạt Foods is built and operated based on the following 5 core values:

1/ Human development

Đạt Foods builds this value with the meaning of comprehensive development of capabilities (attitudes, knowledge, skills); mental and physical health; the social relationships of each member and partners. As individuals and organizations develop, the people around them such as partners, communities/societies can develop, too.

2/ Transparency

Transparency is shown by being clear in everything. Đạt Foods builds this value to create trust among members, between Đạt Foods and partners, which is a basis for the parties to make appropriate decisions. Specifically, the tour to visit farm and production plant at Đạt Foods is conducted every weekend, which is also one of the ways for Đạt Foods to commit to transparency.

3/ Nature

Đạt Foods aims to nature to protect the physical and mental health of individuals and communities and protect the environment. With activities and decisions towards the environment, respecting the basic laws of the universe and nature, it is possible to have an impact from human but Đạt Foods always considers and puts nature on an equal with other factors. Value is expressed through Đạt Foods’ products, by not using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in the production and cultivation. You can see seasonal farming, reuse of packaging and environmentally friendly materials at Đạt Foods.

4/ Community

Đạt Foods dignifies ​​community with the meaning of showing development together, sharing and mutual support among individuals in organizations and groups. The community at Đạt Foods is maintained and expressed through:

5/ Equality

Đạt Foods always encourages the expression of personal opinions and always listens to their ideas. Equal values ​​are built up to help each person feel respected to promote effort. Equality results from fairness, when each individual is treated equally in terms of roles and rights.

These 5 core values ​​are built up and maintained through the unity, consensus and commitment of each member at Đạt Foods. “5 values” is the compass and guide for every decision and action of Đạt Foods, to ensure that Đạt Foods contributes good values ​​to life and people around.